Building a trustworthy startup

Brand Design

MyChoices Mortgage Solutions is a new startup offering financial consultant services in Hong Kong. The business aim to reach an upper tier of customer within their first year of establishment.

Our team became MyChoices’s branding partner at an exciting moment of change for the organisation. By reporting directly to the founder, the company has successfully transformed from a start up to a sophisticated financial consultant that express confident and authentication.



Key messaging


Content creation

The challenge was to build a logo mark to present the core vision of the company, to express the message that could speak to each new customers and to provide a brand that could act as a tool for their continued growth.

Positioning the startup for success

Previously Mychoices had been perceived as an individual consultant. As the team and partners expanded, we work with the client to replace the original branding with a whole new set of visual elements and colour theme. By doing so, it gave a sense of professionalism that opened the door for for next level of customer.

Beyond strategy, our team also provide a set of tools and visual assets to help them develop the materials that they will need along the journey.