Establishing a timeless brand in Taiwan

Brand Design


San Fu Leisure Farm (三富休閒農場) is one of the most top-rated leisure farm in Taiwan. It is a family run business and is facing the challenge of attracting the next generation of young audience. Their service covers both consumer and B2B sectors and is actively growing on the hand of the young owner. 

They approached the company founder and his team with a clear challenge: to help them establish a new brand ecosystem ‘Violet Forest Villa’, that is built around their parent brand, San-Fu. Over the year, the team has been working closely with the owner to help them establish their vision. We have developed a wide range of exploration (supported by a large scale research), we have repositioned the brand and created verbal and visual identities that are both unique, timeless and can accommodate the growing needs of the organisation. 

The rebranding project received a recognition by the president of Taiwan.

Case study coming soon.

  • Brand diagnosis
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand activation