What is Fortemont

Operational applications designed and developed through craftsmanship and technology.

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Fortemont provide cloud-based services for businesses. We are developing operational applications to help million of business reaching their objective.

Since 2005

Fortemont is a full-service consultancy started as a branding, media production and digital agency in 2016.

Founder Steven Cheng wanted to build a system that help millions of people through his multidisciplinary approach, that involves strong branding strategy, simplicity in design, memorable narrative and advanced technology.

Since 2005 he has been running online communities, working for multiple creative agencies, managing production of a global animation production studio, running a branding project of a country, and leading a startup to develop award-winning enterprise solutions.

Aiming for the mountaintop

We believe in pragmatic, logical and consistent approach, and is always strike for the best possible solutions. Because only the best is enough.

We are developing products

We are developing software product for both the real world and digital medium, through spatial computing, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology.

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