Media & Digital Labs is now Fortemont

In 2021, Media & Digital Labs helped businesses to deliver digital experience, interactive campaign and marketing consultation to new entrepreneur, that enables them to reach the goal that they aim for.

We have helped retailers to launch a Facebook & Instagram campaign with Augmented Reality technology; We helped online sellers and content creators to generate income stream online by building and managing their online shop; We built over 3 SaaS platforms in a year to help traditional business adopts the new normal.

As you can see, more emphasis is placed on deliver technology solution that works on its own. We need advanced solution that is beyond a single piece of media content or design artwork.

Therefore, now it is time to reflect our ambition through a new name, new branding and a new focus. We believe the world will never be the same as before since the start of the global pandemic. New value need to be created to further promote our services as goal-oriented, confident and pragmatic. Its mission is to reinvigorate our partnerships as we pull together to work on something great that enable them reaching their mountaintop.

Values created

New naming that reflects us – Forte (we excel) + Fortune (in luck we believe) + Mountain (our personality; our motto. )

Enhanced positioning – The new brand helps position the business as a professional, confident and a premium consultancy that works through close relationship and partnership.

New opportunity – The new name is designed to facilitate new software and products that help users reaching their goal through our excellences.

Founder Steven has been working in the industries for over 17 years, and has worked for businesses between startups, government and global media production company. Steven has served over 50 clients and will continue his strong commitment by delivering an exceptional results through consultation, production and management services.

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